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Growth 2020

When | Summer 2020

Website | Growth 2020

Mission | to provide food those in Nassau County, NY experiencing COVID-19 related food insecurity through collective gardening

Objectives | 1) Raise funds for this project; 2) create gardening packages of seeds, soil, buckets, and other tools for volunteers who will grow food that we will distribute to local food banks; 3) Donate seeds and other supplies to interested food bank donation recipients

Partners | Megan Rose Gavia, Island Harvest

My Roles | Gardening expert, organizer

Highlights | Community engagement; gardening

My Story | In late May, a former high school peer came to me eagerly with an idea to grow food for our food insecure community. Having finished my semester a few weeks prior and many experiences with similar work, I was elated to join her in this project. As she assembled her team of fellow Nassau Community College Honors students, I went to work creating growing guides, compiling a list of the best plants to grow, editing materials, and providing whatever else support that I could. We raised over $300 in funds, donated hundreds of seeds, and partnered with several home gardeners.

Photo Description | Microgreens grown outside in my backyard

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