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Seed to Supper Youth Corps

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

When | Fall 2019 – Summer 2020

Objectives | The main goal of this project is develop a curriculum that not only teaches teenage youth how to garden in any setting but interweaves the concepts of social justice, personal voice & agency, and leadership & collaboration. In this way, this program is meant to empower youth to lead their local food systems as they think critically about its complex problems, innovatively about potential restorative solutions, and reflectively about how their experiences influence their own perspectives and decisions.

Partners | CCE educators, specialists, and educational program developers

Outcomes | To achieve our larger goal, we aim to pilot this program’s activities individually and as a part of a small-scale mini program through CCE offices.

Highlights | Practice with program development and implementation

My Role | Curriculum development, activity piloting

My Story | Starting in October 2019, I drew on my experience adapting and implementing several CGBL programs to develop Seed to Supper Youth Corps (S2S YC). It was challenging to manage many moving parts, yet enriching as I worked alongside a team of driven women who were well-versed in social justice, youth engagement, program creation, and facilitation.

During the summer, I continued building this curriculum with the occasional input of my supervisor and our community partners. I drafted the core curriculum, organized the structure for the facilitator guide, and fleshed out some of the primary activities. At the conclusion of the summer, I created a document explaining my thought processes and how to navigate the materials I crafted. I then gave this work to a CCE educator so she could continue developing this curriculum. Today, I sometimes share my input when requested and watch this program grow!

Photo Descriptions | Me, preparing soil beds for a garden lesson; Photo credit: Reese Michaels (top right) | Youth of a day camp learn about soil; Photo credit: Reese Michaels (center)

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